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Elite Construction & Management Services describes renovations as the process of improving and updating a broken, damaged existing structure with cosmetic changes. It’s typically implied on residential & commercial facilities in a specified time frame.

The benefits of a renovation normally fall into these pots: saving money, faster build, unique architecture or unique landmark. All of these things equate to valuable real estate investment.

Owners can now get far more feasible reuse of existing buildings, which allows for a more sustainable approach to managing assets. However, renovation projects are full of many unknowns, making it potentially difficult to accurately budget and determine an existing asset’s true ROI.

Elite Construction & Management Services is an autonomous construction group with its own staff of estimators, project managers, superintendents, and senior management. The entire staff is a dedicated group of professionals experienced in the particular demands of an up fit, renovation and expansion. This is where the small stuff really does count and aggressive schedules are a way of life.