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At Elite Construction & Management Services, we have a project management team comprising professional construction managers and other employees for performing project planning, design, and construction tasks efficiently. Our construction experts handle each aspect of your project carefully. They manage the whole process of design and development from initiation to the final documents, including:

  • Construction planning
  • Labor
  • Cost estimation
  • Equipment and material utilization
  • Site safety and inspection
  • Accounting and monitoring
  • Scheduling processes
  • Cost control
  • Quality control and security during construction
  • Interior and exterior build-out

Our construction managers carry out expert construction management. The process is as follows.

  • Deeply involved with the team. They work according to the owner’s specifications and requirements and work together with the team of architectural and engineering firms from the initiation of the project. They work together with the team and suggest and give advice on design improvements, schedules and construction economy, and construction technology.
  • Recommend suitable design and construction changes and evaluate the impact of the revisions on the cost and timing of the project.
  • Observe the following development of the project to ensure that the goals do not surpass without the owner’s acknowledgment.
  • Organization of material and equipment procurement and the tasks of construction contractors, and payments to changes, contractors, claims, and inspection in fulfilling the design specifications.
  • Carry out other pertinent functions as per the owner’s requirements.

Consequently, it is essential to recognize the changing nature of the organizational structure as a project is carried out in various stages.

Labor, Material and Equipment Utilization

Effective project management in construction should involve the effectual use of labor, material, and equipment. At Elite Construction and Management Services, cost control, and labor productivity of the constructed services are primary concerns. Material handling comprises inventory, procurement, shop fabrication, and field facilities that need keen and detailed attention for cost reduction. The utilization of novel and innovative equipment and methods by our organization has achieved our client’s complete satisfaction.

Site Inspection

  • Drawings

Conditions of Contract

  • Specifications
  • Quotation
  • Quantities

Direct Cost

  • Labor
  • Equipment
  • Material
  • Transport